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Our 4 packages are listed below. Our philosophy is to provide you with a full collection of all photographs supplied on a DVD included in the price. This allows you to avoid likely exorbitant costs that you would incur after choosing your favourite shots and the relative prints, thus enabling you to share and print your own photographs. However we will print your photographs at a reasonable cost if you so require. Please note the amount of shots for each package varies according to weather condition, season, venue's space and lighting, natural light availability, transfers from venue to venue during the coverage of the day, general atmosphere, size of the wedding party, ratio between number of guests and venue's space, venue's structure and features.
Please see the FAQs at the bottom of the page before booking a wedding coverage.

Pearl: £895

• 8 hours coverage on the day
• Attendance at the Bride's home prior to the ceremony, following on to the ceremony location*,
the reception and, the cut of the cake and the first dance, if the first dance is within the 8 hours coverage; every extra hour is charged at £100 p/h.
• two copies of a DVD with an average of 500 ready to print photographs. All images which are edited personally by me.
an express photo shooting in our studio†,
• a Digital presentation saved as .vmw file of selected wedding day imagery*† with a background music including tracks composed for Lumax Photography.
• Average completion 6 weeks.

Sapphire: £695

• Attendance at the Bride's home prior to the ceremony, following on to the ceremony location*, the reception and, if within our coverage time, the cut of the cake.
• To include two copies of a DVD with an average of 300-350 ready to print photographs.
• Average coverage 6 hours. All images are edited personally by me.
• Average completion 4 weeks.

Emerald: £495

• Arrival of guests, bride and groom at the ceremony location, following on to the reception and the cut of the cake
(if within the time agreed).
• To include a CD with an average of 200-250 ready to print photographs.
• Average coverage 4 hours. All images are edited personally by me.
• Average completion 3 to 4 weeks.

Topaz: £395

• Attendance at the ceremony location.
• Cover of the wedding service and group pictures at the same location.
• To include a CD with an average of 150 ready to print photographs.
• Average coverage 3 hours. All images are edited personally by me.
• Average completion 3 weeks.


Deposit: You would need to pay a £250 deposit regardless of which package you choose and pay nothing else until your wedding day, or choose to pay everything upfront if you prefer to tick another box and forget about it! I respectfully remind you the deposit is not refundable and it can be paid by bank transfer or cash only, the bank details will be on your invoice.

Day schedule and group pictures: Once your package is booked I will send you two excell sheets to complete with the day schedule (i.e. make up starting time, all postal addresses, name of venues, numbers of guests, speeches time, etc.) and the group picture list, should you choose to have some taken. Once I have a complete list, I can advice you on how long the shooting will take and when I would advice for it to take place without interferening with the chefs plans. I would recommend you to choose a couple of people with strong voices to help gathering the groups in advance, in order to maximise the time available and avoid you any stress of catching roaming guests and active toddlers :).

Space availability and permission: Please consider ahead of the big day where your photographer will be able to take pictures from, mainly during the ceremony, whether is a church or a private venue. Should it be a small venue where the ceremony takes place, please bear in mind and in your heart to reserve a place where the photographer can stand comfortably and have a clear view of the couple, It is also common that the photographer is not allowed to take pictures during the ceremony in a church, or that he/she an only take pictures provided is without the aid of a flashgun, or that there are only certain stages of the ceremony in which photography is allowed. There are churches where photographers are relegated to a corner and cannot move until the ceremony is over. Please advise us on the terms and conditions regarding the permission to take pictures when you book your wedding coverage.

Extra copies: Any extra DVDs are charged at £10 each.

Images: All images are edited personally by me, shot in Raw and saved and supplied as jpg. Colour correction and some retouching is included in the package, For anything extra I charge from £3 to £16 per shot according to the difficulty of the retouch. All the copyrights remain mine but you can reproduce the images as many times you like provided they are not for selling purposes.

Other services: I can also advice on exclusive or pre-designed wedding stationery packages for your special day, including invites, table cards, names cards, table planning layout, thank you cards, menus etc. I design photo-books and favours (typically known in Italian as 'bomboniere'), containing sugar almonds and your wedding date with names on a personalised card. (see the C. Box section for further details). We can arrange the photo coverage for engagement parties, and other related events (see the Event section for further details).

Other events: There's a 10% discount for multiple days events such as engagements and any other events related to your wedding; traditional Indian ceremonies (i.e. Sagaai, Garba, Raas, Pithi, Mehndi, Mandap Mahurat etc.).

Files archive: All files will be stored for up to 1 month from the date of the events, after that they will be deleted from the archive. Please make sure you make a copy of the files sent to you.

*If the clients are getting ready at locations which are more than 5 miles apart, travel expenses will be added to the package.

†To be used before the wedding day. The shooting is a great way to create a trusting relationship between client and photographer and the resulting images could be used for wedding invites - providing the clients were to keen to have their wedding stationery personalised with their pictures. Not exchangeable with other services.

*† Selected by the photographer.

*** This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other deal (such as wedding shows' offers).

N.B. Travel expenses to the venue are included in the price if within 10 miles radius from our base KT12, we charge £1 per mile outside the mentioned radius. For weddings abroad, there's an extra charge to cover the cheapest ongoing flight rate for the chosen destination and accommodation.

Company policy and T&Cs

All files will be stored for up to 2 months from the date of the wedding/session/event, after that they will be deleted from the archive. Please make sure you make a copy of the files sent to you.

Due to the nature of the business, no high resolution files will be release until the full payment is made to Lumax Photography LTD via cash or bank transfer (we do no longer accept cheques), all the details for the latter will be on your invoice. By booking our services you agree to comply with these terms.


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